When we were staying at Thousand Trails in St Clair, MI we met Stacey Frank. He was driving by as I was setting up my HughesNet satellite and being a HughesNet user himself, stopped to chat about it.

I noticed his company logo, WEIGH-IT, on his truck and asked him about it. He said he offered a service where using portable rv scales he could weight our coach right on site.

Parry and I were both concerned that our coach might be overweight but hadn’t done anything about it. We intended to weigh our motorhome at a truck stop before we left Harrisburg, PA, but had to wait until we moved everything into it first. We were so busy the month before our departure date getting ready for ArtsFest that we just ran out of time to get the weighing done.

I talked to Parry about WEIGH-IT and we decided to go ahead and have the coach weighed. We made an appointment and Stacey and his wife Gale came over with their scales the following Sunday.

First thing they wanted to know was how full our fuel tank and all of our holding tanks were. Then they placed the scales in front of our tires and had us move about six inches onto the scales. We didn’t have to unhook the water, electricity, sewer or satellite cables and we didn’t have to pack anything away. We did need to bring our slides in however.

What we found out is that our coach and all it’s contents were 400 lbs. underweight. It’s a close margin so we have to watch taking on any new cargo, but we were relieved that we weren’t overweight. Stacey was also able to tell us about the distribution of our weight on each axle. We were within an acceptable range of weight difference for all axles. If one of the axles was carrying too heavy of a load, we would have had to redistribute our load to make things more even. Thankfully we didn’t have to do that either. The way things are packed and stored it would be difficult to rearrange them.

He also took our tire pressures and told us what the best pressure was for each tire to carry the load we have. And he pointed out that our tires were dated 1998 and were probably the original tires that came with the coach. The tires looked fine to us, but we learned that tires deteriorate with age and riding on tires more than five years old greatly increases the risk of a blowout. We just finished traveling over 1,000 miles on tires that were over 9 years old and we still had a long way to go.

Stacey made a couple of recommendations for places close by where we could shop for new tires.

The whole process was supposed to take 30-45 minutes but Stacey ended up spending at least 45 minutes more educating us. His fee for this service at the time – $35.00. Definitely worth every penny and more.

Thank you Stacey & Gale.

We highly recommend WEIGH-IT.

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