I ordered products from RVToyOutlet.com on three separate occasions. Each time my credit card was charged immediately. I’m not sure what the law is in other states, but in PA a vendor can place a hold on your credit card for the funds for 10 days, but cannot charge your credit card until the item is shipped.

On all three orders, two or more of the items were out of stock and had to be back ordered. Several weeks after each order was placed, I would receive an email letting me know that the item would not be shipped and my credit card would be credited for the amount of purchase.

The last order was the one that really ended it for me. Among other things, I ordered a 10.5 ft Xtend & Climb Ladder. I placed the order on April 16th, six weeks before we were scheduled to leave Harrisburg, PA to begin our journey.

I received an email a few days later telling me the ladder and another item I ordered were back ordered.

A week before our departure, I called RVToyOutlet.com to find out the status of my order. I was told the ladder was still out of stock. I told them we would be on the road after June 3rd and asked them to call or email me when the ladder came in and I would give them an address to ship it to.

Three weeks went by and I called again. This time they told me that the ladder came in several times since my last call but no one notified me. They apologized and said that more ladders would be arriving within the next week and they would ship one to me.

A week later I received another email telling me that the ladder was unavailable and they had credited my account. Fine, I figured I would buy the ladder elsewhere. By this time they had my money for over two months.

I waited for the credit to appear on my account. It never did. So I called them back again. They told me they did make the credit and I would have to call my credit card company to find out why it was not appearing. To make a long story short, it took until September 19th to finally get my money back. Needless to say they didn’t pay any interest for the use of my money for those 5 months.

We do not recommend purchasing products from RVToyOutlet.com.

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