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When we were staying at Rushmore Shadows in Rapid City, SD we met Garry & Gerri Olson. Their RV was parked across the road from us and so was their van with the RV Sunshade Company logo on it. Gerri had the back of the van open and she was sitting behind it using a big industrial sewing machine working on sunshades for their neighbor and Garry was up on a ladder installing them on the windows of their neighbor’s RV.

Parry and I used to joke about people who used the sunshades but after spending the summer dodging the heat, began to wonder if they might be worth the investment.

We decided to stop by to introduce ourselves and ask Garry & Gerri some questions about the shades.

The RV Sunshades are attached to the outside of the coach with snaps. Parry was concerned about the snaps being installed on the coach’s body. He wanted to know if there was a possibility of water seeping in or the snaps rusting.

We also wanted to know if the RV Sunshades would eventually start to wrinkle and sag like other sunshades we’ve seen and if the they came in different colors so we could match the coach colors.

Garry explained that the snaps are made from a noncorrosive material and they are sealed tight. He said the RV Sunshades are custom fit for our coach and the material they use would stay tight and not sag.

He also said that he only sells the RV Sunshades in black because the black color holds. He pointed out an RV down the street that had plum shades which looked faded and said he used to do colors, but learned the hard way that the colors don’t last.

Ray Smith, the neighbor who was having the RV Sunshades installed, invited me into his coach to see how they appeared from the inside looking out.

From outside Ray’s coach I was unable to see in, but from the inside they looked similar to tinted windows. I could see out with no problem.

This was a big selling point for me because the cats love to look out the big front windows of our coach. Before, we had to close our curtains when were away, but with the RV Sunshades the cats can spend their day looking out the windows without anyone being able to see in.

Another selling point for me was that the RV Sunshades block 98% of UV rays so our interior fabric and vinyl would be protected. They also block the heat of the sun from coming into the coach.

Parry asked about cleaning them and wondered if interior shades might be better. Garry explained that the RV Sunshades are easy to clean, just hose them down. He said the exterior shades worked better than the interior ones to keep the heat out. With interior shades the heat has already entered the coach through the window long before it ever hits the shades.

We decided to have our front and driver/passenger side windows covered. Garry & Gerri installed the RV Sunshades the next day, August 27, 2007, and did a beautiful job. As of today, , they still look terrific.

RV Sunshade Company offers a ten year warranty, so we hope to enjoy them for many more years.

Working with Garry & Gerri Olson was great too. They are fun people who live the fulltime RV lifestyle and are a pleasure to be around.

We highly recommend RV Sunshade Company.

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