– Dakota International Services, LLC.

I picked South Dakota as my home state for several reasons, but the number one reason was because we would be passing through there on the first leg of our journey.

The other decision that had to be made after deciding on my state of residence, was who to use for mail forwarding and residency services.

There are several in South Dakota and I researched all of them that I could find.

The mailing service that had the most reasonable rates for the level of service was I chose their On Demand service where they send an email letting you know each piece of mail that came in for the day and who sent it. Then you can decide where and when you want your mail forwarded and just shoot an email back to let them know.

We prepaid for the entire year which waived the activation fee and gave us a month of service free.

I work with Terri Lund who is courteous and always available to answer questions and offer assistance when needed.

We signed up in April of 2007, a month before we got on the road, and have not been disappointed. They have lived up to all of their promises and have gone beyond at no extra charge.

I once needed a piece of mail immediately and Terri scanned it and sent it to me as a .pdf file so I could print it out. We also had a vendor who accidentally shipped a package to my South Dakota address and Terri was happy to repackage it and send it back.

We highly recommend Dakota International Services, LLC..

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