Meyer’s RV Superstore, Syracuse, NY

We bought our 1999 Winnebago Chieftain at Meyer’s RV Superstore in Syracuse, NY during Thanksgiving weekend of 2004. We had gone to many RV shows over the years, so we had a good idea what we wanted. One of the reasons we went to Meyer’s was because of a salesman we met at one of the RV shows we attended. He was eager to share his knowledge and not pushy. We felt comfortable with him and asked for him the day we arrived at Meyer’s to shop, but were told he was off that day.

The salesman who did work with us, Tim, was a nice enough guy but in retrospect he was more interested in making the sale than in helping us get a good buy.

Tim waved away a brownish stain on the ceiling that he had to know was a current water leak and not an old one that had been fixed. He also made a lot of promises. He promised us that the latch on the door would be fixed, the backup camera would be fixed, the outside retracting stairs would be fixed and the blower for the engine heating system would be fixed. He also told us they would clean the coach up and vacuum out the heating ducts which were filled with crud.

We didn’t get a great deal from Meyer’s, but we did pay fair market value for that make and model year. The coach had just about everything we were looking for, so we signed the paperwork to purchase. Since it was a holiday we weren’t able to secure a loan that day, so we headed back to Harrisburg, PA and waited.

We received a phone call from Meyer’s two days later telling us that we secured the loan and the coach was ours. They said they couldn’t deliver it, so we asked them to call us when the coach was ready and we’d make arrangements to come pick it up.

One week later we get a letter in the mail telling us that we need to pick the coach up by a certain date or Meyer’s would start charging us for storage. We bought two one-way bus tickets and headed up a few days later.

When we arrived the coach was sitting in the parking lot untouched. Meyer’s never made any of the repairs and they never cleaned it, there were still coffee stains on the dash. Parry and I were livid. Tim, our salesman, was off for the day.

The service manager comes out, inspects the coach and tells us he doesn’t have a service person he can spare to do the repairs. We tell him we can’t hang around, we have to get back to Harrisburg. He says that their parent company FreedomRoads just purchased Grumbine’s RV in Harrisburg, PA and he would arrange for them to make the repairs. He doesn’t follow through on that promise either. He does send a workman out to jimmy rig the entrance door so it would at least stay closed on our drive back.

Several hours after our arrival, with a complimentary sewer hose and a half a tank of gas, Meyer’s sends us on our way.

Forty miles down the road it starts to rain. Parry is driving and he turns on the windshield wipers. They spring to life for a couple of sweeps and then die. We’re forced to pull over. We call Meyer’s and tell them our predicament. They say they can’t send anyone to help us, we’ll have to drive back in the rain with no wipers.

We slowly make our way back and Parry is fuming by now. Meyer’s fixes the wipers and Parry insists that they fill our gas tank as well. We end up driving home at night and arriving late and tired.

Grumbine’s RV eventually makes all of the repairs and we do get the leak fixed before any major damage is done to our roof, but that’s another story.

We may not have bought a brand new coach, but we spent quite a chunk of change on our Winnebago (more than we spent on our sticks and bricks house). We deserved better service and better treatment than we received from Meyer’s.

We love our coach and don’t regret buying it, but we will never shop at Meyer’s RV Superstore again nor will we suggest anyone does.

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