Maguire’s Ford of Hershey, Hershey,PA

The months prior to our departure where busy and hectic. We had a lot to accomplish in very little time. Not only did we have a house and most of our belongings to sell, but we had to get the coach ready for the trip as well.

We had three different service companies we needed to use and we had a month to have everything completed. We went to Grumbine’s first because they were usually the slowest. As it turned out, we had to push them a bit to meet our deadline.

Maguire’s Ford of Hershey was second. We had not used them before, they were recommended to us by Grumbine’s. We wanted our engine air conditioner fixed, summer was approaching and we knew we’d need it. This was before we learned that we could turn on our generator and run our roof air conditioners while driving down the road. This method of cooling the coach puts less strain on the engine and uses less gas in the long run.

Nevertheless, we had a three day window to get the work done before the coach needed to be at Chris Bolt’s RV Service in Jonestown. Maguire’s surprised us by having the work done in one day. They had no problem accepting our FreedomCare warranty. They were courteous, knowledgeable and professional.

We recommend Maguire’s Ford of Hershey.

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