Leslie Tire, Harrison Twp, MI

When we had our coach weighed by WEIGH-IT, proprietor Stacey Frank showed us how to read the date stamp on our tires and pointed out that our tires were over 9 years old. We learned that riding on tires more than five years old greatly increases the risk of a blowout. Stacey suggested a couple of local tire dealers and we set out to find one that could help us.

The first thing we did was drive to each dealer and see which was closest and/or which was the easiest to maneuver our coach in and out of.

Stacey highly recommended Leslie Tire on Executive Drive in Harrison Township, MI. As it turned out Leslie Tire was the easiest for us to manuever our coach into, so we stopped and made an appointment with the owner, Tracy Leslie. It was Monday and we asked for an appointment that Wednesday, two days later, because that was the day we were leaving St Clair, MI to go to Kalamazoo, MI. Arranging an appointment on such short notice was not a problem.

Tracy recommended Sumitomo tires as the best choice for a motorhome. He even mentioned that a local motorhome dealer would only use Sumitomo tires on his own motorcoach. I don’t know what the markup is on particular brands of tires but the Sumitomo’s were much less expensive than any of the usual name brand tires. My first thought was that if Tracy wasn’t trying to sell us the most expensive tires in his warehouse, maybe he did have our best interests in mind.

Still, having been ripped off a couple of times, I’m always a bit suspicious. So I did some research on the tires when we got back to the coach. The Sumitomo Tire website had this to say about the ST-718 tire Tracy recommended:

“An excellent commercial grade tire for urban and metro fleet operations.”

  • All Steel Casing – helps retreadability and resists failures from road hazards.
  • Steel Breakers – controls tread squirm, and resists cuts.
  • Patented Tread Compound – resists effect of scuffing from sharp turns, gives long mileage.

I looked in all the RV forums and could not find a single negative comment about Sumitomo tires, so we decided to go ahead and take Tracy’s recommendation.

We arrived early Wednesday morning for our appointment at Leslie Tire. The first thing we did was ask to see the date stamps on the tires. We wanted to make sure they had not been sitting on a warehouse shelf for a while. Once we were satisfied with the dates, Parry backed the coach in and the tire replacements began.

We were hoping to get out early as we still had over 200 miles to go to get to our next destination, but a fire truck came in for an emergency tire change and they took priority. As it was, we still left at a decent time.

Once we were back on the road, the first thing we noticed was the difference in our ride. We were definitely riding smoother than before.

As of today, November 4th, 2007, after driving over 1800 miles, the tires are holding their pressure and looking good.

We recommend Leslie Tire.

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