Grumbine’s RV, Harrisburg, PA

After we brought our 1999 Winnebago Chieftain home, we made an appointment at Grumbine’s RV in Harrisburg, PA to have all the unfinished repairs completed. These fixes were supposed to be done by Meyer’s RV Superstore in Syracuse, NY where we purchased our motorhome, but Meyer’s failed to follow through and dumped the work on Grumbine’s.

When we talked with the service person at Grumbine’s, we discovered that Meyer’s had never even contacted them about our situation. Grumbine’s had to telephone Meyer’s to get the scoop on what needed to be completed.

Unfortunately for us, Grumbine’s was dependent on Meyer’s to ship parts for the job and Meyer’s took their time doing that. Grumbine’s was very gracious through the whole experience. They even fixed things we found later that were not on the original list, free of charge.

Grumbine’s also ran a leak test for us and found several places that needed to be sealed, including a cracked skylight in the bathroom. We discovered this was the culprit for that brown stain on the ceiling that the salesman from Meyer’s tried to hide.

Sadly, Grumbine’s was not able to get it fixed before a big rainstorm caused that brown stain to grow exponentially. We had a real mess inside. I used OxiClean which removed most of the stain, but there are still traces of it visible.

We continued to go to Grumbine’s for service for the next two and half years until we left Harrisburg, PA to begin our journey. Jeff at Grumbine’s was always helpful and eager to please. Grumbine’s service center did a good job on every project we gave them and stood by their work.

Our only complaint with Grumbine’s is that it usually took them several weeks to complete a project and we’d be without our coach during times we would rather have been using it.

We recommend Grumbine’s RV.

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