Chris Boltz’s RV Service, Jonestown, PA

In 2006 we were staying at our Thousand Trails home park in Hershey, PA when something happened that caused our power cord to fuse to the 30 amp receptacle coming into our 1999 Winnebago Chieftain. Unless we wanted to drive down the street with our cord trailing behind us, we were stuck.

We mentioned our plight to the ranger at the ranger station and he gave us a card for Chris Boltz’s RV Service in Jonestown, PA. He said that Chris had worked on several rigs in the park and he never heard a complaint. So I gave Chris a call and made arrangements to meet him at the coach.

Chris arrived as scheduled and attempted to get the cord out of the receptacle. He finally told me the only way to get it out was to force it out. I didn’t want him to be responsible for damaging our coach, so I told him I would pull it myself.

I thanked him and asked how much I owed him for his time and he said nothing. There were a couple of other small jobs I knew we needed done, so I told him about them and asked if he would be interested. He said sure.

We ended up using Chris’s services several times for jobs both large and small. His rates are reasonable and since he has low overhead, he’s much less expensive than larger service centers.

We still call him today and he’s always very helpful and stands behind the work he’s completed. Truth is he’s just a pleasant guy to be around and is always accommodating.

We highly recommend Chris Boltz’s RV Service.

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