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I’ve had a recurring dream that started a few years ago, and happened again last night. It involves a tidal wave.

I’m standing among people on the streets who are going about their business when I look up and see it coming. It’s huge, at least 40 stories high.

In the early dreams it seemed I was the only one who could see the giant tsunami and I always woke up before it arrived. In subsequent dreams more and more people around me began looking up and seeing it too.

But in this last dream the people in the streets began to panic. They were running and screaming with no place to go.

I turned and hurried down a small walkway between two buildings. When I came out the other side I saw a bridge in the distance and started running towards it.

Are these dreams a warning? Is there a huge wave of change about to wash over us all?

If you read between the lines in stories from our major news outlets, you’ll see admissions that the era of cheap oil is over, but what you won’t read about are the consequences of that fact.

In the United States our oil supply peaked in the early 1970′s. Before that we were the Saudi Arabia of the west. Now oil is peaking worldwide. There haven’t been any significant discoveries of new oil deposits for many years and what’s left is not the pure sweet stuff we’re used to having.

The ramifications of this are grave. Oil is used in practically everything you can think of, including our food supply.

We’re just now beginning to see glimpses of what may come. Sam’s Club started limiting purchases of rice to 4 bags a visit, while there are food riots going on in Egypt, Haiti and India.

Instead of leading us in the direction of renewable energy and convincing us to live with less, our leaders have been buying time, trying to stave off the inevitable by throwing funny money at the problem and at us (low interest rates, easy credit, tax rebates). These policies have kept the world economies stuttering along for several years, but they’re just one finger in the dam and holes are popping up everywhere.

A good analogy is the fateful voyage of the RMS Titanic. Some first class occupants have been getting theirs and boarding the lifeboats, while 3rd class hasn’t yet realized we’ve hit an iceberg. Although many are getting suspicious. Things are coming to a head quickly and our leaders are running out of options.

There’s no source of energy that can replace cheap oil. Even a combination of energy sources (coal,wind,nuclear,solar,hydrogen,geothermal) will not be able to keep up with our current energy demands or keep the world’s economies growing at their current rates.

The fact that we’re diverting some of the world’s food supply to grow corn for ethanol and that we’re skimming oil off tar sands in Canada and Montana and that we’re invading countries to secure future energy supplies, gives clues to how desperate things are becoming.

And it’s just beginning.

When you start seeing food and energy rationed in this country, you’ll know the end of civility is near. Think of Katrina as a training ground.

None of the current candidates running for president are addressing the most important issues of our day. The people long for real leaders. Where are they?

We need a bridge!!!!

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