Filed Under (Notes From the Road) by Tom on 04-01-2008

Last night we rode our bicycles outside the park to explore the neighborhood. Peddling the blocks we saw alot of 55 & Over mobile home parks.

Most are gated but a couple of them are open, so we wander in as if we belong, to take a look around.

A quiet mix of trailers, modular homes and RV’s tightly woven together into the desert landscape. Palm trees, blooming cactus, bougainvillea, even grass growing up around them to create a soothing haven for their occupants.

Having lived in a 36 foot motor home for the past year, I’m seeing the value of living in a smaller space. The more space I have, the more of life’s precious energy is used to maintain it. If I pay someone else to maintain my space for me I lose my connection to it.

Will I grow old in a place like this…..?

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