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We get up early so we can move the coach back into Camping World’s main parking lot before the garage opens. Once we’re in the lot we sit and wait until our 1:00 pm appointment. We turn on the generator for a couple of hours to excersize it and run the electric heater to take off the morning chill.

While we’re waiting I turn on TV and look for something to watch. It’s either a kiddie show, religion or FOX. I choose FOX but after watching for 15 minutes remember why I dislike watching television and turn it off.

When I daydreamed about living the fulltime RV life, I would visualize looking out our windows and seeing these fantastic natural wonders.

Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier

Today, from where I am sitting on the couch, I see a snow covered Mount Rainier out the kitchen window. We hadn’t seen it yesterday. The clouds were so thick we never even realized it was there. But now it looks like we’re parked right next to it.

Parry on the roof of the Talisman
Parry On the Talisman

I grab my camera and head outside to take a couple of shots. Parry climbs on top of the coach to get a better view.

At 1:00 pm we go to the Camping World service center desk to find out whether they want both the coach and the van or just the van. They tell us to pull the coach and the van out back and someone will come look at it.

We wait for a half an hour and begin to wonder if they forgot about us when Rori comes out and sees us waiting. She gets someone to help us.

The mechanics determine that it is the Remco Lube Pump that’s the problem. They also tell us it was installed in the incorrrect place, not the Remco approved place, and they will have to move it. This will mean rewiring and moving other parts which entails more labor hours than Remco will cover.

Rori telephones Chris Boltz, the RV service guy who installed the pump, tells him the situation and asks if he will cover the cost of the extra hours. Chris readily agrees to reimburse us.

Once the mechanic pulls the front end of the van off, he realizes that the location Chris Boltz installed the pump was the only space available. He ends up installing the new pump back in the same place. It takes an hour and a half longer than what Remco will cover and we have to pay another $185.00 out of pocket.

We’re angry at first, but after reading the Remco warranty we figure we’re lucky to have gotten any of the repairs paid for. The warranty is written in such a way that Remco could easily get out of paying. We would not have gotten a penny had Rori not gone to bat for us with her contact at Remco.

We pay the bill and I call Chris Boltz to thank him for his offer and say that we don’t expect him to pay for the extra hours since he installed the lube pump the only way possible.

We stay another night in the Camping World parking lot. Tomorrow we leave Washington with a little less money in our pockets. We’ll be heading for Seaside, Oregon to view the Pacific Ocean for the very first time.

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