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We hang out at the campsite today and I use my time to get caught up on work for clients. It’s a gorgeous day with highs in the upper 70′s.

Our site is so thoroughly shaded that we never get any direct sunlight heating up the coach, which makes it quite comfortable. I just love having the windows open with fresh breezes wafting through and the sounds of the neighbor’s birds.

Although we’ve exchanged greetings with other campers before, our neighbors Larry and Joan are the first people we’ve actually met in a campground since we’ve been on the road. We pulled into the Thousand Trails St Clair Preserve on the same day as they and just happened to take their favorite site in the park minutes before they arrived. They took the one next to us instead.

Familiar with the site, Larry knew the best place to put the satellite dish and he lent me some extra coax cable so I could move the HughesNet Satellite out a few feet further to reach that hole in the sky.

Larry also did another big favor for me, he sold me his bike. I was riding a bicycle given to me by Parry’s father. It was an old three speed which worked fine but had an annoying squeek that a whole can of WD40 couldn’t take away. The new bike is a Trek Navigator 300 that originally sold for $475.00. Larry sold it to me for $125.00. It’s a great bike, comfortable and a lot of fun to ride.

On the 4th of July they invited us over to their campsite for some mussels dipped in Larry’s secret sauce. The mussels were juicy and the sauce buttery and delicious, especially when dipped with crusty bread. It was an unexpected treat and we were very grateful.

Larry and Joan both have the gift of gab and we enjoy listening to their stories. Larry is a Vietnam Veteran and retired. Joan still works, but both of them are waiting for the day Joan retires so they can begin full timing themselves. Larry loves to cook and he wants to travel the country pursuing his passion. He tells me that he’s very much a gypsy and he’s ready to take off.

Both Larry and Joan love their birds, Cleo and Jewel. Cleo, who seems to favor Larry, is an Umbrella Cockatoo and Jewel, who clings more to Joan, is an Electus Parrot. Joan invites us into their coach to see how she and Larry have modified it to accommodate the birds. They’ve taken out their recliner and in its place is a large cage.

This afternoon they bring both birds over so we can see them up close. Larry has Cleo perform a few tricks and Parry gives Jewel a ride on his shoulder. We learn a little about what’s involved in raising these exotic birds. It’s a lot more work than I realized and a big responsibility.

Join Parry and I for a little visit with Larry & Joan and their birds Cleo & Jewel in this short 5 minute video.


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