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The campground desk clerk at the Rock Glen Family Resort in Arkona, Ontario is cheerful and informative. She tells us about a bakery in downtown Forest that comes to the resort each weekend and sells baked goods. Unfortunately they don’t begin until the official summer season starts in July. Parry and I are both hungry for some fresh baked bread so we head off to Forest in search of the bakery.

When we arrive in Forest, one storefront in particular catches my eye. There is an unusual sculpture in the front window. I head over to it and Parry follows. It is the Lovart Gallery. We decide to go inside.

Inside we meet gallery owner Maria Kastellitz. She is an accomplished opera singer who migrated to Forest, Ontario from the south of Spain with her husband Thomas Ackerman a world-reknowned artist. You can see some of his work here: http://www.ackermann-artist.com/.

We tell Maria about our quest and she thinks Thomas would like to meet us. We are invited up to his studio. We go outside and enter through a side door and up the stairs. The stairway to the upper floors is painted all black and there are fun pieces of art to entertain you as you make your way up. We step inside a spacious room with huge paintings everywhere. The smell of paint is in the air. Here we meet Thomas and his cat Cleo.

Thomas is very gracious. He offers us a beer and we talk for about an hour. We talk about our quest and about his work. He tells us how he approaches his work and some of the methods he uses. He says that he used to do a lot more pre-planning before he began a piece but now he just begins and lets the creativity flow until it is finished. He gives us encouragement and we both appreciate his camaraderie.

We do get the fresh baked bread we came for, but I realize that meeting Thomas has changed my perspective about the breadth and depth of my own work and I am also grateful to him for that.

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