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Buddy Sleeping in Arkona, Ontario
Buddy Napping in Arkona, Ontario

We stay at the Rock Glen Family Resort in Arkona, Ontario for just a week before we have to move on. The campground has lush green grass, mature trees and best of all it’s quiet, the most quiet I’ve heard in many years.

We make a fire in the sunken fire pit at our campsite and settle in for the evening. We aren’t paying attention to how dark it’s getting until we realize that the cats are still in their Kitty Walk.

Both of them are spooked by something and start clawing the mesh of the Kitty Walk trying to get out. They may smell another animal nearby.

Parry opens the door to the Kitty Walk and gets Benny out and into the motorhome. I call Buddy to come out, expecting her to run directly into the coach, but she surprises me by running under it instead. The darkness is now thick enough that if she runs off, I know I may never be able to find her.

I grab a flashlight and climb under the coach looking for her and find her pacing back and forth behind one of the tires. I grab her and she freaks and starts scratching me. I can’t get enough leverage From that position to lift her out from under the coach so I call Parry for help. He reaches under and gets Buddy, but while carrying her to the door, she bites him. He throws her in and closes the door.

We have to stop thinking of Buddy and Benny as just beloved pets with quirky personalities and start thinking of them as animals first, where instincts rule.

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