About The Travelers

Tom Reider – Wanderer

Tom Reider - Wandering Soul

I’ve lived in several places, traveled to a few, but feel most at home in Harrisburg, PA. I’ve spent over half my life there and although I’ve left several times, I’ve always ended up back there again. It’s a good place to dig in.

I’ve come to realize that in my life it’s sometimes best to plant roots and other times better to spread my wings. Right now it’s time for me to fly again.

My partner Parry and I are on a trek across the country in a 36′ Winnebago Motorhome – a.k.a. the Talisman. We sold our house, our furniture, most of our possessions and my car, gambling it all to reach for a dream. Some people say we’re courageous, some say we’re crazy, most offer to come with us.

The dream is about discovery and it’s about freedom.

Parry Pannozo – Kindred Spirit

Parry Pannozo - Kindred Spirit

I met Parry at a campground in the Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. We’ve been partners for nearly 15 years. Parry is originally from Syracuse, NY.

Parry makes me laugh and he makes me angry. His honesty is often disarming and his exaggerations sometimes beyond belief. He brings out the best in me and also the worse – and I love him for it.

Buddy – Tough Cookie

Buddy - Tough Cookie

Buddy was scooped up from the middle of Paxton Street during rush hour in Harrisburg, PA. The neighbor who rescued her, Liz, brought her to our house hoping for an adoption. It was my birthday and I took it as a sign that she was a gift from the cosmos and was meant to be part of our lives.

We thought Buddy was a boy until we took her to get “fixed”, thus the name.

Buddy can be sweet and loveable, but don’t mess with her. She’s a ferocious defender of her territory and she’s been known to bite.

Benny – Brave Adventurer

Benny - Adventurer

The night before Benny arrived, both Parry and I dreamt that he was coming. He showed up the next afternoon looking for a place to stay so we let him in for the night. He’s been with us ever since.

Benny is the smart one. You can see it in his eyes. He loves exploring the outdoors, loves to hunt snakes and bugs and loves to cuddle.

Flat Stanley – World Famous International Traveler

Flat Stanley - International Traveler

Flat Stanley hitched a ride with us on June 10, 2007. He arrived via snail mail from our friend Diane who is a school teacher in the Washington DC area. Her students will follow Flat Stanley as he travels across the United States with us.

Flat Stanley is a curious little fellow. He loves to see new places and make new friends. We’re not sure how long he’ll hang out with us, but he’s welcome to tag along for as long as he likes.

Talisman – Home on Wheels

Talisman - Home on Wheels

OK, I have weird dreams but… in November of 2004 we were in Syracuse visiting Parry’s family for Thanksgiving. While we were in the area, we thought we would run over to Meyer’s RV Superstore, just to take a look.

Thanksgiving night I dreamt about looking at a blueprint. The blueprint was of a structure that had everything I needed but not everything I wanted.

Black Friday arrived and we went shopping. We started the day looking at Class C motorhomes, but while we were browsing around the lot, we noticed that a brand new Class C motorhome was around the same price as a used Class A. So we changed direction and began looking at used Class A’s. That’s when we saw the Talisman – a 1999, 36′ Winnebago Chieftain with two slideouts. We bought it.

Since then we’ve gone to a couple of big RV shows and looked at many of the new coaches. We haven’t found anything that solves all of our living space needs like the Talisman. She was the top of the line in her day and although she may not be as sexy as the brand new Class A’s, she’s still an elegant lady.

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